Make sibling love happen

I am a 13-year-old girl with two older brothers - one waiting to enter university and the other in the army.

My parents make sure that we are close to one another.

When we fight, my parents always break up the fights and ask us to settle down to resolve it.

My parents also plan annual overseas holidays, making sure to accommodate our different schedules, as they feel that leaving out anyone would deprive us of the learning experience, the insight from the trip and, most of all, the good bonding experience.

Due to the age gap between my brothers and I, we do not really have common ground and experiences as all of us are at different stages of life.

Still, we make it a point to share what happens in our day over dinner.

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All in all, I agree with the writer: Do not wait for it to happen - make it happen. Parents have a crucial role in building sibling love.

Foo Jia Ning (Miss)

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