Make Orchard about the entertainment

I refer to Mr Christopher Tan's column Orchard Road Revisited (Life, Dec 30), about his memories of Orchard Road in the 1970s and 1980s and its coffee houses, nightclubs and bars.

It is time to bring back the true entertainment value of Orchard Road, so that it is not just about retail.

Orchard Road was a great meeting place to do business, much of which revolved around a drink or a meal, with music in the background.

Normally all that was needed was a bar or restaurant with a live band. This sometimes extended to include nightclubs or discos, where clients could be entertained.

It was also a time when the oil trade thrived and Singapore became the supply base and focal point for the largest industry in the world.

Orchard Road as a result was lively, with the oil workers on shore leave flush with money, going there to relax and have a good time.

That has faded away now.

But with the overemphasis on retail, where is the variety in terms of offerings, especially for tourists looking for something different and unexpected?

Manoraj Rajathurai


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