Lydia Sum's daughter Joyce Cheng says she and singer Alfred Hui can't be together as their baby will be 'ugly'

Alfred Hui's name came up after Joyce Cheng had jokingly asked reporters to introduce a boyfriend to her. PHOTO: PRINCEJOYCE/INSTAGRAM

Joyce Cheng, daughter of the late Hong Kong comedienne Lydia Sum, wishes to get married eventually - but not with her good friend, singer Alfred Hui.

The reason? Their children will not be good-looking.

Cheng, 32, made the cheeky comment on Mother's Day when Hui's name came up after Cheng had jokingly asked reporters to introduce a boyfriend to her.

"I can't mate with him," she said. "We have tried using an app to predict what our baby looks like, and it is ugly."

Cheng and Hui, 32, have been good friends for several years, as they joined the industry together and were under the same label. They had also invited each other to be guest singers when they held their concerts.

Both were even rumoured to be dating at one time, though both denied it.

Cheng, whose father is actor Adam Cheng, disclosed in a media interview last year that she hopes to marry eventually and have children. But she added then that she is still single and not actively looking for a boyfriend.

On Sunday (May 10), the topic was raised again when she told the Hong Kong media she has become a godmother to her business partner's newborn baby. On the same day, Cheng posted a childhood photo of herself with her mother and grandmother on Mother's Day.

Sum died in 2008 at the age of 62, after losing her battle with liver cancer.

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