Little Tigers may roar again

Members of the former Taiwanese boy band (from left) Alec Su, Julian Chen and Nicky Wu had a reunion dinner last month.
Members of the former Taiwanese boy band (from left) Alec Su, Julian Chen and Nicky Wu had a reunion dinner last month.PHOTO: JULIAN CHEN/WEIBO

TAIPEI• Good news for fans of The Little Tigers.

The three members of the former Taiwanese boy band are reportedly reuniting next year for a two-year concert tour.

Formed in 1988, the group shot to stardom with their good looks and catchy songs such as Fly Butterfly Fly, Red Dragonfly and Green Apple Paradise, but went their separate ways in 1996.

According to Taiwan's Apple Daily, The Little Tigers had planned to hold a concert tour in 2013 to mark their 25th anniversary, but it was dropped due to unhappiness over the members' differences in pay.

Of the trio, Nicky Wu, 49, and Alec Su, 46, have both enjoyed greater career success after flying solo than Julian Chen, 48.

Wu's popularity in China soared after he starred in the 2011 Chinese hit television series, Scarlet Heart. Su has had lead roles in various Chinese movies and shows, and was named Best Supporting Actor at China's Hundred Flowers Awards in 2010 for his role in espionage thriller The Message (2009).

Wu's asking pay for the concert tour in 2013 was reportedly about NT$4 million, while Su's was about NT$3.5 million. Chen was said to be angry as his pay was only NT$1 million and he became uncontactable after that.

The band members met again only in 2016, when Wu married his Scarlet Heart co-star Liu Shishi in Bali, Indonesia.

In April this year, Su made a plea to Wu and Chen on Chinese reality show Produce Camp 2019 when he urged his former bandmates to meet for dinner.

They did, late last month. A photo of them having dinner together, which was posted by Chen on Weibo, was warmly received by fans. Taiwanese media reports interpreted the photo as a hint of their upcoming concert tour.

Wu's manager said he has not heard of the news of the tour when asked by the media, but Apple Daily said the three singers are unlikely to confirm it for now as it is still at the initial planning stage.

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