Lin Ching-hsia laughs off rumours of split

TAIPEI • Retired Taiwanese actress Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia has refuted reports that she is divorced and laughed off rumours she is marrying ex-boyfriend Chin Han.

Lin, 64, who is married to businessman Michael Ying, said in an exclusive interview with Taiwan's Apple Daily: "I am happy, and my family is happy and harmonious."

She said she has even celebrated her husband's 70th birthday in advance last December.

As for the rumour she has reconciled with Chin and that both of them have registered their marriage in China, she laughed and said: "I think it's so funny. I think no one will take it seriously as it is too outrageous."

Lin was back in Taipei last week to attend the premiere of the digitally remastered 1990 film Red Dust.

Directed by Hong Kong director Yim Ho, it starred Lin, Chin and Maggie Cheung and won eight awards at the 27th Golden Horse Awards, including Best Director for Yim and Best Actress for Lin.

Lin quit acting and moved to Hong Kong after marrying Mr Ying in 1994. The couple have two daughters.

In the interview, she said she still felt the urge to act, especially recently when she saw American actress Glenn Close in the movie The Wife, which won a Best Actress Oscar nomination for Close.

"The age of the character and her identity as a writer are very similar to me now. Such roles suited me," she said.

Lin, who herself is an idol of many fans, added that she recently has her own idol - Taiwanese crooner Fei Yu-ching.

"I was infatuated with Fei Yu-ching recently, but unfortunately, he is retiring soon," she said.

She said she had dined with Fei once when she was younger and he left a good impression on her then.

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