Las Vegas dancer and model claims Bill Cosby drugged and sexually attacked her in 2008

LONDON - A Las Vegas lap dancer has accused comedian Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her, alleging that it happened six years ago.

So far, the sex assault claims faced by Cosby have mostly dated from decades ago and fall outside the statute of limitations for criminal charges.

Chloe Goins' claims are well within the statute of limitations for prosecution in California, reported the Daily Mail in its Monday story citing an interview with the model and dancer.

Goins claimed she was only 18 when she was attacked in 2008 at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

Her allegation came as Cosby's wife Camille lashed out on Monday at the media for reporting on sex abuse claims against the comic, saying he was the victim of unfounded accusations and was "a wonderful husband."

Goins, 24, said she and a girlfriend were invited to a Playboy party hosted by Hugh Hefner where Cosby joined a conversation they were having with the Playboy founder.

She said Cosby at one point produced drinks for the two women, and she started feeling dizzy after drinking hers.

After Hefner offered the use of one of his spare bedrooms for her to lie down, Cosby led her to a room, as claimed.

When she woke up, she found she was naked on a bed and, as alleged, Cosby was licking her toes, with his trousers around his ankles.

When she confronted him, he left the room without a word, she told the MailOnline.

"I can't be 100 per cent sure what he did to me, I was completely out of it," Goins reportedly said.

Her lawyer told MailOnline that Goins will make a statement to the Los Angeles Police Department soon.

Goins said that when she met Cosby, she had recognised him "from TV, I know he was on a TV show where he played a family guy," but she said she was sure that the man who allegedly molested her was the comedy legend.

She is not the only woman who has alleged being sexually assaulted by Cosby at the Playboy Mansion.

Former Playboy hostess Judith Huth, now 55, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles on Dec 2, claiming the actor assaulted her in 1974 at the mansion, Hefner's home known for its lavish parties in the 1970s. Huth was then 15 years old.

Actor Lou Ferrigno's wife Carla has also claimed that Cosby assaulted her in 1967 at his Los Angeles house. She was then 19 and working as a Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Club.

In California, sexual assault carries a maximum 48 months jail sentence and a possible US$10,000 fine, depending on mitigating and aggravating factors, according to the Mail.