Korean star Lee Kwang Soo's fans greet him with giraffe plushies

Lee Kwang Soo arrives at Changi Airport on Thursday (Oct 20) ahead of an autograph session at Terminal 3.
Lee Kwang Soo arrives at Changi Airport on Thursday (Oct 20) ahead of an autograph session at Terminal 3.PHOTO: TWITTER/@ST_LIFETWEETS

SINGAPORE - Korean actor Lee Kwang Soo, 31, is nowhere like his has-been idol role in the upcoming South Korean remake of American drama Entourage, which revolves around show business.

"My character brags a lot. He has a good heart, but he is unable to express his emotions. He looks irritated and annoyed. In real life, I'm quite different from him. I express my feelings more than him, I don't really get annoyed and I'm not nasty to people," says Lee, who is a regular cast member of popular South Korean variety show Running Man.

Another key difference is that the lanky comedian-actor is still at the peak of his career.

His popularity has translated into endorsements - he was invited here as the ambassador of duty-free chain The Shilla to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Shilla Beauty Loft at Changi Airport on Thursday (Oct 20).

Lee was speaking at a press conference, ahead of an autograph session at Terminal 3 which attracted more than 250 fans.

Fans came armed with signboards emblazoned with Lee's name and giraffe plushies - in reference to his Giraffe nickname, which he was given because of his towering height of 1.9m.

Young fan Karina Liswandy, 10, was one of those who turned up with a giraffe toy in hand. The contest winner not only won the chance to get up close with her idol, but she also snagged a hug and a selfie with the star.

Her housewife mother Miranda Liswandy, 42, says: "She was so excited that she knocked down two cups of drinks at lunch. Though the event only started around 4pm, she couldn't wait and we came a few hours earlier."

Primary Four pupil Karina says: "I like him because he is funny. I will print out my selfie with him and paste it on the wall of my room."