Kit Chan to show her cheekier side at her 25th anniversary concert

Home-grown singer Kit Chan plans to up the ante at her upcoming concert in Esplanade to celebrate her 25 years in showbiz.
Home-grown singer Kit Chan plans to up the ante at her upcoming concert in Esplanade to celebrate her 25 years in showbiz.PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO

SINGAPORE - The title of the concert is Kit Chan 25 Years On: A Time For Everything, and it seems that the time is right for the home-grown singer to show her cheekier side.

Speaking to local media on Sept 27 at event space Chun Tsubaki, Chan says that she likes to have a surprise for her fans at every gig. For example, at her Spellbound Homecoming concert in 2016, she performed Marilyn Monroe's My Heart Belongs To Daddy.

For the upcoming concert at Esplanade Theatre on Nov 9 and 10, she is upping the ante. "This time, the song is super fun. I think this is the most xian zhi ji (Mandarin for R-rated) song ever. I think my audience can accept that and I have the sophistication to carry it off," she said excitedly.

The 46-year-old, who was wearing a wearing a midnight blue outfit with a leather jacket nonchalantly draped over her shoulders at the press event, says she is keeping the title of the English jazz track under wraps for now.

The entertainer is no stranger to the venue, having performed at the Esplanade in the musical Forbidden City: Portrait Of An Empress and with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra in a concert. But this is the first time she is having her own solo show at her dream venue.

Given the more intimate space, she is able to do a largely acoustic concert.

"It sounds like nothing, but for a lot of commercial pop artists, it's a big challenge because everyone relies so much on programming."



    WHERE: Esplanade Theatre, 1 Esplanade Drive

    WHEN: Nov 9 and 10, 8pm

    ADMISSION: $88 to $208 from Sistic (call 6348-5555 or go to Each ticket comes with an activation code for 60 days of unlimited music on streaming service KKBOX.

The milestone anniversary is also a time of reflection and gratitude.

She says: "When I first started out, you have no idea how far you can go on this journey. Along the way, you see people leave and give up, and you feel you're really lucky, that I can still do music that makes me feel excited."

With a body of work that includes hits such as Heartache and Worried, she notes: "In past concerts, there were some songs I had to sing. But this time, my attitude is different: I really want to sing these songs."

The singer is also releasing a new album, A Time For Everything. Originally planned for a May release, it is now due out on Oct 9. Taking advantage of the change in schedule, she travelled solo to four cities - Prague, Berlin, Munich and Vienna - over the last three months.

One of her new songs, Xiang Shou Ji Mo (Enjoy Loneliness), turned out to capture that interlude perfectly.

"It totally describes how I was feeling. It was picked (for the album) last year and I ended up living it.

"I'm fully charged up for the packed months ahead."