Keep Zouk unique

The crowd at Zouk Singapore's New Year's Eve party in 2014.
The crowd at Zouk Singapore's New Year's Eve party in 2014. PHOTO: ZOUK

I refer to Anjali Raguraman's story, Has Zouk Lost Its Soul? (Life, Aug 3).

It surprises me that the concern about Zouk selling out has come so soon after its acquisition by Genting Hong Kong late last year. But then a few months is a long time in clubbing history and the nightlife industry is famously prone to the vicissitudes of the economy and the fickle tastes of punters.

If ever there is a club that has a soul, it is Zouk. This is epitomised by its independent and trend-setting musical outlook and its credo of providing a unique clubbing experience.

It is inevitable that Zouk's new owner will want to recoup its investment as soon as possible. But having preview shows and collaborations willy-nilly all over the region not only serves to dilute the brand, but also shows a lack of appreciation for what makes Zouk unique in the first place - its indie nature and penchant for delving into the heart of different genres of dance music.

The episode in which DJ Fila had to give up the console to a guest of the new owners may be a reflection of what may already be happening - Zouk bowing to commercial pressure.

I hope not and that it is just a one-off public relations gaffe. After all, Zouk is all we serious dance music aficionados here have.

Colin Lim

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