Kate Winslet, star of The Dressmaker, attends screening in London

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (Reuters) - Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet says she's now a sewing pro thanks to her role in The Dressmaker. 

She attended a special screening of her new film in London on Wednesday (Nov 11). 

The actress plays Tilly Dunnage, a couture gown-maker who returns to her small-minded Australian town to seek retribution against those who sent her away as a child accused of murder. 

As a benefit to her role, Winslet said she can now tackle the sewing machine. 

"Tilly Dunnage who I play in the story, she is a couture dressmaker, and so I at least I had to know how to use the machine and I did spend about a month with an expert who did show me all the little nooks and crannies because a Singer sewing machine is very, very beautiful and it isn't like a contemporary machine which works very quickly and it's just sort of a touch of a button. 

"This was much more technical and I really did love that side of it. You know, it's always a great privilege as an actor when you have an opportunity to learn a new skill and I did learn how to do that, so lucky me," she said. 

The Dressmaker is set for release in the UK on November 20 with a wider release yet to be announced.