K-pop idols Wanna-One get into trouble after their unfiltered remarks are aired by mistake

K-pop boy group Wanna-One pose on the red carpet during the Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong on Dec 1, 2017.
K-pop boy group Wanna-One pose on the red carpet during the Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong on Dec 1, 2017.PHOTO: REUTERS

SEOUL (Korea Herald/Asia News Network)- K-pop boy group Wanna-One have come under fire for making remarks that were accidently aired during a live broadcast on Monday.

About four hours before the release of their new album, 0+1=1, the members appeared on the Mnet show Star Live.

It featured them waiting in a green room before the official broadcast, but the trouble began when Kang Daniel shouted: "Why aren't we getting our payment?"

Park Ji Hoon and Ong Seung Wu followed, saying: "Why are we only getting 20 percent?" "Why aren't we getting any sleep?"

The group's private, unfiltered conversation continued even after a staff member told them to get ready for the official broadcast. Kang shouted: "I pooped this morning," and Ha Sung Woon said: "I'd better curse now in advance."

Calling out what seemed to be the license plate number of a groupie, Lai Kuan-lin said: "Sorento, what did you do near our home yesterday?"

Some netizens claimed they heard one member yelling Korean internet slang for a sex act.

Following the broadcast, social media were flooded with criticism and expressions of deep disappointment in the idol group.

Wanna-One's agency, YMC Entertainment, issued an apology on Monday evening, saying: "We apologise for the shameful accident during the live broadcast. We are also sorry that some remarks, which were not actually said, have snowballed."

Broadcaster Mnet also apologised. A source said the segment on the group preparing for the show was broadcast by mistake.

The group is made up of the 11 winners of the second season of the audition show Produce 101.

Ever since their debut in August last year, Wanna-One have grown into one of K-pop's most sensational acts. Their first album, 1X1=1 (To Be One), became the best-selling K-pop debut of all time.