K-pop hologram concert theatre to open on Sentosa next month

K-pop sensation GOT7.

Starting next month, Korean pop fans can catch some of their favourite acts at a live concert - every day.

K-live Sentosa, a K-pop hologram concert theatre, will open on Feb 23 at Resorts World Sentosa. A real-life concert experience is created for fans with strobing lights and pulsating music, except the K-pop idols prancing onstage are virtual 3-D images of themselves.

The attraction will kick off with girl group Wonder Girls, and boybands 2PM and GOT7. Fans of other K-pop stars need not fret - the concert content will be refreshed every six months.

GOT7 will be in Singapore - in the flesh - to grace the launch of of K-live Sentosa on Feb 23. They will also attend a fan meeting. More details will be released at a later date.

Tickets to the 40-minute hologram concert cost from $39 for an adult to $19 for a child.

More details of K-live Sentosa will be revealed at a later date. Check out K-live Sentosa Facebook page for updates and ticket sales.

K-live is an attraction in Seoul, and its Sentosa outpost is its first set-up outside of South Korea. At K-live in Korea, for example, fans can take a lift with their K-pop idols: Using augmented reality (AR) technology, fans will be projected onto a screen together with their idols in a lift setting.

Hologram concert venues have mushroomed all over South Korea, such as at TV station MBC's theme park MBC World.

Located at MBC headquarters in Seoul, MBC World is a haven for K-pop fans.

Fans can get a printout of posed shot with K-pop acts such as livewire crooner Psy, boyband BigBang and girl group 2NE1.

The result is a fairly convincing photo at first glance that might fool envious fellow fans. Fans can pick to take a shot with with life-sized version of your idols in a variety of poses. Stand next to rapper T.O.P as he presents you with a bouquet of roses, or be part of girl group 2NE1 for a moment as you pose among them.

Reality is blurred even further at another station. Fuelling fan girls' fantasy in a booth, a fan seated on a red couch will see herself interacting with rapper G-Dragon on-screen. The virtual G-Dragon teases the fan, and at one point he lays his head on a fan's lap.

It may be all a virtual dream for brief seconds, but devoted fans will surely be dreaming about the moment for nights.