K-drama star Lee Min Ho exempt from military service due to past accident injuries: Reports

Korean actor Lee Min Ho.
Korean actor Lee Min Ho.PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

SEOUL (THE KOREA HERALD/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Actor Lee Min Ho is to report for civilian service in place of military service, according to insiders in the entertainment industry.

On Thursday, local media outlets reported that Lee would perform civilian service instead of enlisting in the army, though the exact enlistment date was unknown.

The reason given was a past injury from a serious car accident in 2006. Lee had metal rods inserted in his fractured leg, which were later removed to improve his stunt scenes.

He was involved in another road accident in 2011 during the filming of the drama City Hunter, and the car was partly destroyed.

In a recent interview with a Chinese media outlet, he mentioned his next SBS drama would be his last before enlistment.