K-drama agency defends actor in controversy

SEOUL • Actor Park Hae Jin's agency Mountain Movement yesterday repeated its claim that the star has no connection to controversial figure Ko Young Tae, who is allegedly close to Ms Choi Soon Sil, a confidante of President Park Geun Hye, who is now embroiled in a scandal.

"One thing is crystal clear, Park has never kept in contact with Ko Young Tae," read a statement released by the agency.

"This gossip-like rumour does not help unravel the escalating controversy these days."

Mountain Movement vowed to take legal action against those who spread online rumours on a connection between the actor and Mr Ko.

There have been allegations that Ms Choi wielded influence over state affairs for an extended period.

Mountain Movement's statement came two days after an initial statement.

That statement said that a photo taken in 2011, which began circulating online last Friday and featured both Park Hae Jin and Mr Ko, has nothing to do with a host bar, where middle-aged wealthy women often pay to be entertained by men.

Park is filming the upcoming JTBC drama Man To Man.


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