Justin Bieber says Sorry again - in Spanish

A screenshot from Justin Bieber's Instagram post.
A screenshot from Justin Bieber's Instagram post.INSTAGRAM

NEW YORK (AFP) - Pop idol Justin Bieber is finding a new way to say Sorry - in Spanish.

Two weeks after releasing the hit single, Bieber on Friday put out a new "Latino remix" of Sorry that features the Colombian reggaeton star J. Balvin.

Bieber, a prolific social media user, announced the bilingual mix with a video on Instagram showing him on the phone with Balvin.

The two ran into each other in July at the Special Olympics opening ceremony in Los Angeles, where Balvin was seen on camera teaching Bieber the word "parcero" - Colombian Spanish slang for "dude."

"What's up, 'parcero'?" Balvin asks Bieber in Spanish on the new video, adding, "Hey, I love the new song Sorry. It's brutal and the women love it."

Bieber, sporting a baseball cap in what appears to be a hotel room, replies in English, "Yeah, Latina girls are gonna go crazy."

The remix starts off as the original version of Sorry, with a smooth tropical-house beat as the 21-year-old Canadian superstar sings in English, "I know that I let you down / Is it too late to say I'm sorry now?"

Balvin then sings and raps his own original verses in Spanish.

The theme goes along the same lines, with Balvin saying: "I just want you to forgive me / If you and I can't be / Forget everything, I'm going to fail."

Since its release, Sorry has drawn speculation that Bieber is singing about his past relationship with fellow former teen star Selena Gomez or more generally about his personal travails that have kept him in the tabloids.

Sorry was the second single off Bieber's first album in three years, Purpose, which comes out on Nov 13.