Jolin Tsai bakes for Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has been in cruise mode recently, flying to Sydney and Taipei to lend glamour to premieres of his new movie The Mummy.

Asked by media why a big star like him needs to make such long treks from the United States, the 54-year-old said his enthusiasm stems from the days when he was a young fan who desired chances to get close to his screen heroes.

At the Taipei stopover, he met one star-struck fan - Taiwan's very own singing superstar Jolin Tsai - who baked him a cake, reported the China Post.

According to photos put on Instagram by Tsai, 36, the duo enjoyed a leisurely afternoon knocking back cups of oolong tea at Sin Hong Choon Trade's traditional Taiwanese tea house.

The singer gave him a fondant creation that had taken her seven days to make, according to the film's distributor, United International Pictures.

One half was a chocolate cake in the shape of an Egyptian sarcophagus and the other was an exquisitely detailed monster in ancient Chinese garb.

Cruise was reportedly so surprised by the work put in that he asked her three times whether she had baked the cake herself.

Tsai, who presented the actor with a bouquet of flowers when he first came to Taiwan in 2000, dared him to dig into the sarcophagus delight, joking that to do so would unchain a curse.

Cruise, who likes to do his own stunts in movies, was not put off, though he did say later that it was his most dangerous stunt yet.

He also made sure that Tsai did not go home empty- handed - giving her a bouquet of peonies plus a pink diary in which he said he had written a secret message.

Tsai promised to keep the faith and pen her own secrets in the diary.

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