Johor-born TVB actress Vivien Yeo gives birth in Malaysia after keeping pregnancy a secret

Malaysian-born TVB actress Vivien Yeo gave birth to a baby girl.
Malaysian-born TVB actress Vivien Yeo gave birth to a baby girl.PHOTOS: VVYEO/INSTAGRAM

TVB actress Vivien Yeo sure has a lot of secrets.

After her secret marriage to businessman Yip Sai Yeung, 38, was exposed last October, the 35-year-old has surprised the public again by revealing her newborn baby.

She took to Instagram on Monday (April 27) to announce the arrival of her baby girl. The Johor-born actress, who is based in Hong Kong, gave birth in her home country after a C-section.

According to Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao, there were already speculations that she was pregnant in December last year after she started wearing larger dresses. She did not address the rumours and continued to keep silent about her pregnancy after she flew back to Malaysia following the country imposed Movement Control Order on March 18.

Yeo explained in an Instagram video posted on April 9 that she was unable to return to Hong Kong to promote her new drama Brutally Young due to Malaysia's lockdown.

In the post on Monday, the actress said the baby weighed 2.7kg and only revealed that the child's name is VY, the same initials as her name.

There was also a tender shot of her holding her child's hand. She wrote: " Given the current pandemic and Malaysia's lockdown, it wasn't easy to have a baby, but I'm so grateful my daughter was safely delivered."

She also expressed her gratitude to the healthcare workers fighting the pandemic on the frontline.

Fans can catch Yeo in the crime drama Brutally Young, which began airing on April 20.