Joan Rivers' career highlighted in book

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Mellisa Rivers, the daughter of Joan Rivers, talks about the book put together from her mother's archives detailing the story of her career.

LOS ANGELES (REUTERS) - Joan Rivers' career is celebrated in the book Joan Rivers Confidential but in a twist the contents of the book all belong to the late comedian.

After her mother died, Melissa Rivers discovered numerous boxes of memorabilia, notes, reviews, joke cards and transcripts.

With a friend she put together a map of her career from the 1950s until her death in 2014.

"It's a history of pop culture of what the hot topics were during those periods and one of the most fascinating things to be if you want to go fancy schmancy intellectual is the use of language and how it evolved and what you were allowed to say and not allowed to say. Why did she keep all this stuff? You've got to remember the majority of my mother's career was in a non-digital age and it was how you kept your records, it's how you kept your files, you kept correspondence. Did I learn anything about her? I'm like no other than wow she had really big stores' bills that she hid from me," said television personality, Melissa Rivers.

Joan Rivers was known for her cutting wit while commenting on popular culture on red carpets, talk shows and on stage. However, Melissa says that wasn't the real Joan.

"She was actually quite shy in social situations. She was always quite nervous in social situations which I always found so fascinating. It was like 'Oh please, you could talk to a tree stump'. She's like 'Yeah but inside I'm dying'," added Melissa.

Joan was known for being a pioneer for women in comedy. So what would she make of Time's Up if she was still alive?

"Well I think her biggest reaction now would be 'Oh please, like we're all shocked that this has been going on. Men are pigs. Shocker. Enough," said Melissa.

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