Actress Jesseca Liu marries comedian Jeremy Chan in Langkawi

Actress Jesseca Liu and comedian Jeremy Chan got married last Sunday in Langkawi.
Actress Jesseca Liu and comedian Jeremy Chan got married last Sunday in Langkawi.PHOTO: HIM

At her wedding in her native Langkawi, actress Jesseca Liu said she was the "lucky one" to have met her groom, comedian Jeremy Chan.

Liu, 38, and Chan, 36, tied the knot on Sunday, after dating for three years, said Lianhe Zaobao.

The bride walked in on her father's arm as the groom sang Love Is Eternal, which has been the couple's song since they heard it at a Jacky Cheung concert, the report said.

Making his declaration of love after Liu was handed to him by her father, Chan thanked her for "tolerating" their height difference - he is 4cm shorter than Liu, who is 1.72m tall - and promised to kiss her every day, "before going out and going to bed".

Since 2006, Chan has hosted Channel U variety shows such as On The Beat and played supporting roles in Channel 8 dramas such as 118 II. Liu is the star of Channel 8 dramas including Hero (2016) and Blessings (2014).

In her speech, she also thanked him. "Since we got together, you've heard the ugliest words in this life, but luckily, you have a big heart and you've tolerated everything.

"You always say I'm the best friend, brother and sister you've had in this life, the best travelling and shopping kaki (buddy) and now I have one more identity, your wife. I'll spend a lifetime learning to be a good wife. Thank you for persisting and not giving up, so I had this chance to be your wife."

She continued: "Everyone says you're lucky to have met me, but they don't know that in fact, I'm the lucky one. You're the one who made me know that being loved, being protected is actually such a wonderful thing."

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