Jaycee Chan's toughest critic - his dad - is 'gratified' to see the actor's public apology

BANGKOK - Actor Jaycee Chan's worst critic - his father, action superstar Jackie Chan - has pronounced that he is "gratified" to see his son apologising for his own mistakes.

Jackie's review of his son's press conference in Beijing came after he watched an online news video of the event on Saturday in Bangkok, a stop on his publicity tour for his new movie Dragon Blade, said Oriental Daily News.

Although he had a live broadcast of his own in Bangkok, Jackie had been concerned about his son's public appearance, Jaycee's first after he spent six months in jail for sheltering drug users.

After his job, Jackie had a colleague update him on Jaycee's press conference, said the report. Later, he watched the video with furrowed brows, but started smiling when he heard his son appealing to the public not to blame his father for his own errors.

After a moment of silence, Jackie told Oriental: "I'm so gratified to hear him saying this. It proves that he's really a big boy and willing to bear the responsibility for his errors. In fact, a public figure has to set an even better example, so I'm waiting to see him do it."

At the press conference, Jaycee said he wanted to go home and see his parents as soon as possible.

Jackie said he was "looking forward" to their reunion after his tour. He said his wife, former actress Lin Feng-jiao, would contact his colleagues and arrange a meeting later.

"The son hasn't contacted me, but it's fine, it's all in the heart and as his old man, how can I not understand? But I wasn't able to watch the live broadcast, and as his old man, I have regrets."