Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories album lacks punch

I refer to Boon Chan's review of Jay Chou's latest album, Bedtime Stories (Hot Tracks, July 6).

I agree that it is not as "flavourful" as Chou's earlier albums. Though his music style remains intact, his songs seem to have less of a punch. Marriage and parenthood might be reasons for the change. The duet with A-mei, though melodious, seems to lack a connection. A-mei's vocals might be too strong when paired with Chou's softer approach and overpower the song.

The lead songs Bedtime Stories and Lover From Previous Life (nice pun on this reference to his daughter) are two of the best songs in this album.

But my favourite is Confessing Balloons, a ballad which showcases Jay's forte and brings out his natural flair for music.

Tay Chin Meng

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