Jay Chou wows his guests with a circus-themed wedding banquet, gives an impromptu performance

TAIPEI - For his wedding last month, Jay Chou flew his guests to England for storybook splendour.

And for his banquet at W Taipei on Monday, there was more magic. The pool area of the hotel was transformed into a circus and amusement park - carousel and popcorn machine included - that transported his guests to never-never land.

In a replay of the ceremony at Selby Abbey that his maternal grandmother missed, the pop king went down the aisle with model Hannah Quinlivan to the wedding march he composed, said Apple Daily website.

But this time, he was also holding his dog, Machi, and playfully picking up petals scattered by his friends and relatives as he and his wife walked over the pool. As his song A Journey Diary About Love played, the couple cut a five-layer cake that rose out of a small castle.

Chou, 36, said: "My grandmother couldn't take the long flight to the wedding in Europe before this, so the most important thing tonight is my grandmother."

Quinlivan, 21, was wearing a veil this time too, but removed it after a reporter reminded her it was bad luck for a bride to be draped in a veil twice.

Besides Chou's parents and grandmother, actor Eric Tsang, director Andrew Lau, singer Jody Chiang, television hosts Chang Hsiao-yen, Matilda Tao and Chang Fei were among the other elders at the banquet.

Chou had said he would not accept red packets, and Chang Fei sang the praises of his host. "Because they aren't accepting red packets, the entire pressure is gone," Chang said. "He's really a very considerate superstar."

Dinner, for more than NT$50,000 (S$2,148) a table, was an East-meets-West affair including Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, the Hokkien banquet dish; beef in red wine sauce; lobster in vanilla sauce; and glutinous rice with red crab.

Television host Jacky Wu, who got Chou into show business in the 1990s and gave the singer a job as a composer with his Alfa Music, was not invited to the party. Chou's record company said Wu had been on the star's initial guest list before it was finalised by his mother.

It was a cold night and 12 heaters had been prepared for the 13-table outdoor banquet, as well as an indoor lounge for older guests. But Chou's grandmother insisted on sitting at the hosts' table outside because she wanted to feel like part of the party, said Apple Daily.

After Chou and his wife toasted their guests table by table, he was asked if she was pregnant. "Soon, soon," he said.

The bride is half-Australian and the couple are planning a third stop in Australia for their wedding tour, said Apple Daily.

On Monday, Chang Fei's brother, singer Fei Yu-ching, was coaxed into going on stage to sing but it was such a disaster - his voice kept breaking and he kept laughing - that Chou had to help him perform their duet, Faraway.

A high point of the night came later, when Fei told his famous dirty jokes.

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