Jay Chou talks baby: Seeing ultrasound scan 10 times more moving than winning Golden Melody Award

TAIPEI - Dad-to-be Jay Chou has bought a black and gold stroller, and wants one with a Batman theme. He is considering naming his unborn child Jay Junior in English.

But he still will not say if he is having a boy or a girl.

In his first interview since he announced his impending fatherhood, the 36-year-old pop king would not confirm the baby's gender, pointing instead to a question mark on his T-shirt, said China Times.

He also insisted that his choices for the stroller and the name were gender-neutral. "I like black, and also hope every child or grandchild has the same name, with the same sound but a different word," he said.

He said he had proposed homonyms of his Chinese name for a son or a daughter, but the plan was too weird for his mother, who vetoed it.

Seeing the first ultrasound scan of his baby was "10 times more moving than winning a Golden Melody Award", he said. "I want to record my child's heartbeat and make dance music."

Being a dad-to-be has also made him a more caring husband to model Hannah Quinlivan, 21, he said. He fries her a steak when she looks too thin, and massages her when she has a cramp. And he no longer insists on having five children. "I see how tired my wife is. We will just have enough children," he said.