Jay Chou shows off his newborn baby daughter, sort of

Jay Chou cradling his baby daughter.
Jay Chou cradling his baby daughter.PHOTO: FACEBOOK

TAIPEI - Pop king Jay Chou has finally given fans a peek at his baby daughter.

In a photo shared on Facebook on Sunday, he is holding his child, who is wrapped in a Mickey Mouse blanket and has her back to the camera. Father and daughter are both wearing black caps.

Saturday was Father's Day in Taiwan (in Mandarin, Aug 8 sounds like Father). Chou wrote: "This is my first Father's Day, it's such a special feeling, I wish everyone a happy Father's Day!"

Taiwan Apple Daily said it was the celebration of the child's first month on Saturday. Taiwanese newspapers said she was born on July 10.

Jay Chou cradling his baby daughter. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

Fans scrutinised the photo, remarking on the slogan on Chou's T-shirt ("Dad is always my love") and the cuteness of the baby's little fingers.

His wife, model Hannah Quinlivan, also shared her joy in an essay for Elle magazine last Friday.

Quinlivan, who turns 22 on Wednesday, had a caesarean. She said: “But the moment I saw the baby, I really had the feeling that everything was worth it. The discomfort of pregnancy and the contractions didn’t seem to be anything.”

Elle published a photo of the new mother holding a bottle of breast milk. She said it was amazing that she just had to see her baby’s picture to produce more milk.