Jay Chou releases wedding videos, is likely to spend a working honeymoon in Britain

Hong Kong - Jay Chou loves Hannah Quinlivan, obviously, and he is rather fond of Britain too.

He proposed to her there last month, he married her there last Saturday, and now they are likely to be honeymooning there.

The 36-year-old pop superstar has to stay there for the shoot of the thriller sequel Now You See Me: The Second Act, and his 21-year-old bride, who speaks more English than him and has travelled with him as his interpreter, will be with him, said Hong Kong's Apple Daily.

The movie is his second one in English. His first was 2011's The Green Hornet. Now You See Me: The Second Act also stars Daniel Radcliffe.

Chou's love affair with Britain is evident from music videos including Twilight's Chapter Seven (2006) and Big Ben (2012), which feature London and Edinburgh, according to Taiwan's Apple Daily. For Twilight's Chapter Seven, he made a nine-minute murder mystery starring himself as a Sherlock Holmes-like figure and insisted on shooting the story in London to give it a British flavour.

In 2010, he went to London again on his publicity tour for The Green Hornet and liked it there, said the report. According to friends quoted by the daily, he even has plans to buy a home in Britain.

The wedding was a major event in the world of Chinese pop, and it lit up Weibo. "Jay Chou marries" was searched 520 million times on Saturday on the Chinese social network, and it was the top trending topic on Sunday, said Taiwan's China Times.

The venues of the wedding and the party, Selby Abbey and Castle Howard in Yorkshire, became popular attractions overnight, said the report. Fans in England said all the information leaflets at the castle were snapped up yesterday.

And yet Chou kept the event fairly low-key and paparazzi-free. He did not travel with any of his JVR Music publicists because he did not want the wedding trip to feel like work, said China Times.

Instead, he and Quinlivan chose three photos of their wedding to be released by his agent J.R. Yang, one of the guests, with a brief statement.

A few more details did emerge from the nuptials though.

Yang said the wedding had to be postponed from 1.30pm to 3.30pm last Saturday because Chou, who wrote a piece to be played by a string orchestra, took a lot of care with the rehearsal.

"Jay seemed a little nervous," Yang said. "He was very busy and very happy. Although the rehearsal was long, he was satisfied with the string orchestra's playing. The atmosphere of this wedding was really super romantic."

On Monday, Chou released two wedding videos. One of them, titled Jay Chou & Hannah's Wedding Moment @ Selby Abbey and posted on YouTube, shows the church ceremony: moments such as the bride walking in with her father and the groom kissing his bride.

The other, posted on Weibo, shows Chou throwing Quinlivan's bouquet to his friends.

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