Jay Chou, family man: He does the dishes and changes the baby and the dog, reveals Hannah Quinlivan

Jay Chou in Season 4 of The Voice of China.
Jay Chou in Season 4 of The Voice of China.PHOTO: MEDIACORP

BEIJING - Pop king Jay Chou is a warm, hands-on family man who washes the dishes and changes the diapers of both his daughter and his dog, his wife says.

At a taping of the Hunan TV talk show Day Day Up on Thursday, model Hannah Quinlivan said her husband had changed considerably since the birth of their first child, Hathaway, in July, and become more responsible, reported the Sohu website. She also revealed the couple's plans to have two more children.

In the interview, Quinlivan, 22, said the reality of married life with Chou, 36, following their fairy-tale wedding in Britain in January, turned out to be better than she had expected. "I was actually afraid there would be a generation gap, but there isn't. When he speaks, he's very humorous and very interesting."

She said: "He's quite romantic. He picks me up from work, washes the dishes, changes the dog's diapers, and we chat about game strategy. We were more like playmates before, but after we had the baby, he instantly seemed more responsible."

For instance, when he calls her from work now, he asks her about their child first, she said.

Hathaway is mainly taken care of by her maternal grandmother and Chou is on diaper duty, Quinlivan said. "The baby cries, he sees if he needs to change her diaper, and he's super good at changing her."

The model worked during her pregnancy and started making public appearances soon after her daughter was 100 days old, said Sohu. She also took a working trip to Japan with her baby.

Chou supports Quinlivan's choice to have a career, but worries she might be tired, she said. "My husband and I have promised not to be away from home for more than four days," she added.

The taping was attended by her half-sister, who is 13 years older than her and whom she thanked for taking care of her when she was ostracised as a child, said the NetEase website.

Quinlivan, who has a Australian father and a Korean-Taiwanese mother, said her sister was the first one to change her daughter.

The model's parents are divorced. She is said to have three half-siblings: an elder brother and an elder sister from her mother's earlier relationship, and a younger brother from her father's subsequent marriage.