Janet Jackson returns to spotlight with new video

Janet Jackson gave fans a first look at her new video Dammn Baby.
Janet Jackson gave fans a first look at her new video Dammn Baby.PHOTO: AFP
Singer Janet Jackson fuels reports about her being pregnant by releasing a video for her latest song, Dammn Baby.

LOS ANGELES (REUTERS) - The spotlight is on Janet Jackson.

While celebrity news outlets are reporting that the superstar singer is pregnant, citing unnamed sources, she seems to be fueling the fires by releasing a first look at her new video, Dammn Baby.

Shot in California in March, the video features Jackson dancing with a backing troupe while light shifts through the studio. On set was music producer Jimmy Jam.

"Now the interesting thing about this video Dammn Baby is that... the album was done and the deadlines were already in place and Janet at the last minute said 'You know what? I just feel like I need one more up-tempo record that I can dance to.' And it's like 'OK, we're going to miss the deadline. Is that OK?' and she says 'Yeah, we'll just put it back a week' but she said she just felt we need that."

Jackson's Unbreakable tour was recently postponed until 2017.

And the singer released a video saying she and she husband were planning a family and there had been "a sudden change".

"Well I mean, you never like to postpone or change anything but you know, life happens. You make the best of it, but she has a great relationship with her fans... they're very understanding. When she was out for a while with a medical issue, the outpouring of prayers and love and affection from the fans was.... it was just overwhelming to me just to watch that and feel that," said Jam.

Postponed tour or not, Jackson's Dammn Baby is sure to be a hot topic as we go into the summer.