James Corden and Daisy Ridley attend the Peter Rabbit premiere in London

James Corden and Domhnall Gleeson among stars on the green carpet for the UK premiere of Peter Rabbit.

LONDON (REUTERS) - James Corden and Daisy Ridley were among the stars to hit the green carpet at the Peter Rabbit UK premiere in London on Sunday (Mar 11).

Talking about the film based on author Beatrix Potter's classic stories, Corden, who plays the titular rabbit, said there is a message of acceptance in the movie.

"You've got one character saying, I'm gonna put up a wall and this is mine and that's yours and you don't come in here, and actually what you realise is if we are all a bit more accepting of people who are different to us, look different, sound different, act different, you'll realise we're a lot more the same even if it's animals and humans. That's what I think the film is about," the comedian and TV host told Reuters.

The film, directed by Will Gluck, also stars Domnhall Gleeson as the young Mr McGregor and is due in UK cinemas on March 16.