Jacqueline Wong's sister Scarlett speaks out

 Scarlett Wong.
Scarlett Wong.

HONG KONG • Scarlett Wong  wants the best for her family members, but she also wishes to be left alone and not have to answer questions about her disgraced sister Jacqueline Wong.

Speaking to Hong Kong journalists last week, Scarlett, 37, an actress, said she hopes TVB artist Jacqueline, 30, can return to Hong Kong one day and deal with the media's queries in her own words.

Jacqueline is reportedly studying directing and acting in the United States where she fled to after she was caught kissing singer Andy Hui in a taxi in April.

Asked if Jacqueline was in Los Angeles, Scarlett said she would not divulge her whereabouts.

Adding that her sister knows she had done wrong and would need time to come to terms with the backlash, Scarlett revealed that Jacqueline continues to go through emotional turmoil, reported the 38jiejie portal.

Scarlett could not say when her sister would return to Hong Kong, adding that Jacqueline likely does not know either.


Their parents were upset over Jacqueline's situation, but the family is staying united.

TVB actor Kenneth Ma has reportedly split up with Jacqueline and talk has it that the scandal also caused a rift between Scarlett and boyfriend Justin Ma, a businessman.

Scarlett said she would not provide an update on her love life, saying it was enough that the two parties involved knew how things stood between them.

Speculation that she is now single surfaced when she stopped posting photos of herself with her boyfriend.

Scarlett added that she would not feel awkward if work requires her to be paired with Hui or his wife, Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng, who has stood by him.

"I've done nothing wrong," Scarlett said.

Similarly, she is not bothered about netizens who include her in their criticism of Jacqueline. If these haters feel better by venting their anger at her, Scarlett said, that is fine with her.

She added that the scandal has been an eye-opener for the family, in terms of knowing who they can truly count on. "We will face the hardship and we must face it," she said.

"We will face the hardship and we must face it," she said defiantly.

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