Jackie Chan recalls wife's support for him over the Elaine Ng pregnancy scandal

HONG KONG - Jackie Chan's wife Lin Feng-jiao supported him when news broke out in 1999 that he had made actress Elaine Ng pregnant, the actor says.

In a forthcoming book about his life, the megastar recounts what the former actress told him when he phoned her to try to explain.

"You don't need to explain," she told him, as Chan describes in Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Get Older, an autobiography which is being published this month in China.

"Don't go and harm others and don't let others harm us. At any time, as long as you need me and our son, we can immediately stand up for you. I know you're stressed. I'm alright. Never mind about me, go and handle your things," she added.

Chan, 60, says he wept after hearing this, Ming Pao Daily News reported, citing stories in the Chinese media.

Two days later, he apologised at a family meeting but Lin did not utter a word.

He then changed his will to give all his assets to her. "We now treasure each other more and more. We are forever family," he says, adding that, at one time, he thought she was after him for his money.

He also describes their hush-hush quickie wedding in a Los Angeles coffee shop cubicle.

"It was still noisy and people can be heard next door talking. The pastor asked, 'Are you willing..? We nodded our heads. It was over and done with, just like this," he recalls.

Lin was then heavily pregnant with their son Jaycee Chan, now 32. Chan had sent her to the United States to await the birth and to keep the pregnancy a secret.

He also talks about his romance with songbird Teresa Teng, saying it was right to split up with her because of their character differences.

He recalls an incident when the late singer came to visit while he was discussing a script with his gang.

He told her to sit while he continued with the discussion. She sat in a corner for an hour before deciding to leave.

Soon after, she phoned and said: "Jackie, it looks like you don't need me. So do stay with your buddies."

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