Infamous Seoul club in hot water for tax evasion

SEOUL • A club in Seoul - mentioned by Singapore socialite Kim Lim in refuting talk that former BigBang singer Seungri had arranged for women to party with her there in 2015 - is in the news again.

The Korea Herald said a court yesterday issued an arrest warrant for the owner of the Arena club - a man surnamed Kang - over charges of tax evasion.

He is said to have under-reported income at the club, and artificially bumped up staff salaries, in a ploy to pay less tax.

The club was raided by police recently over allegations that Seungri procured prostitutes for potential investors there.

On Monday, the authorities summoned a top employee of Burning Sun - another club linked to Seungri - over claims that the man had paid bribes to escape punishment for serving underage customers.

The police also seized accounting records kept by Burning Sun in a raid last month.

Seungri, who has been booked by the police, has retired from show business.

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