'I want to be a Disney princess'

Korean pop star Tiffany Hwang just released her solo album, but reveals she wants to act too

Tiffany Hwang did a parody scenario on SNL Korea to promote her album, I Just Wanna Dance. PHOTO: PANDORA SINGAPORE

Korean pop star Tiffany Hwang's idea of good publicity for her new album is to let herself get dragged across the floor as she clings to the leg of her "boyfriend" at his office.

Of course, as she is one of the leggy members of K-pop behemoth Girls' Generation, the scenario in reverse - where men are clamouring for her affection - is more likely to be true.

Maybe that was why she thought it hilarious to parody a clingy girlfriend on the variety show Saturday Night Live (SNL) Korea to promote her debut solo album, I Just Wanna Dance.

In an interview with The Straits Times on Thursday, Hwang, 26, says: "I've been wanting to act for a really long time. I was glad that I could plug into it because no one has seen me act yet. Most of the production teams have my audition tapes and my (acting) coach has seen me. But I've never showcased it on television. I thought it was a really good experiment. I hope to act in future, maybe something funny."

Going on SNL Korea was the American-born Korean star's idea.

Rattling on in fluent English, she says: "What was cool was that I got to take control of the whole album promotion process. I told my management exactly what I wanted to do.

"I grew up with SNL in America - there's a lot of fun, dissing, making lots of bad jokes. I know that there might be a bit of controversy in some of the topics. SNL is a tradition for performers and musicians to showcase other things and I thought it was a good chance to bring the American and Korean sides of me together."

She was invited here by jewellery brand Pandora for an event showcasing its Autumn/Winter 2016 collection.

I Just Wanna Dance, which was released in May, has reached the top spots on multiple music charts across the region.

Although there were times when it got lonely and stressful doing press for the album without her Girls' Generation buddies, she says that she relished the learning experience and the creative control over producing an album.

She says: "I got to choose the music, write the music, choose the lyrics, lyricists, the directors, the pictures. I just had a lot of control creatively. It was lonely, yet there was a lot of new things to learn. I had fun."

These days, she is trying to enjoy herself despite her busy schedule.

"I'm taking a lot more time for myself, like travelling for leisure. Because of that, I'm in such a good mood. I'm enjoying life these days.

"When I got the call for this trip, I was like, 'Can I go? I want to go', even if it's for work."

The go-getter, who is single, reveals her hopes to make it big in the United States, saying: "I do want to take on the film industry and fashion is something I can't live without. I'm fortunate enough to be able to visit all the fashion weeks. I do want to pursue Broadway, too."

Her dream role is, well, a dreamy character. "I want to be a Disney princess, that's my ultimate goal, be it in theatre or in movies. Singer Idina Menzel was in her 40s when she did Elsa in the movie Frozen. Who knows?

"These days, I've been watching a lot of Disney shows, I'm a Disney fan. My favourite princess is The Little Mermaid Ariel because I like her songs. She gives up her whole world for love and I think that is beautiful."

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