I Knew You Were Trouble singer Taylor Swift not taking security for granted

Singer Taylor Swift has been the victim of stalking since she made it big. PHOTO: REUTERS

BERLIN (dpa) - Taylor Swift is feeling less stressed and anxious as she approaches 30, but the superstar still takes security at her shows seriously.

"I think with fear, that's a fluctuating emotion," she said when asked about her experiences with stalking and the threat of terrorism at music venues.

"My fear tends to flare up when there are incidents that happen all the time. You know, somebody tries to break into one of my houses or there'll be a violent act that happens in the world," the 29-year-old told dpa in Berlin.

Swift has been the victim of stalking since she made it big.

Terrorist attacks on concert-goers in Paris and Manchester have raised fears that live music events are becoming targets.

Swift said her fans' safety is her "No. 1 priority".

"We've been very fortunate but I don't take it for granted," she added.

As she approaches her next big birthday, she said she has become more mellow - and so has her sound.

After her deeply personal 2017 record Reputation, her upcoming seventh album is going to be "very different".

"I almost look at my last album as a storm, and this album kind of feels and looks the way that a sky would look after a storm," she explained.

"I hear people say you have less stress and anxiety in your life when you're in your 30s.

"I'm definitely feeling that a little bit more when I'm approaching it."

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