'I imagine Hong Kong would need your magic now,' says daughter of comedic icon Lydia Sum

Posting on Instagram, actress-singer Joyce Cheng gave an update of how the two would bond today if Lydia Sum were still alive. PHOTO: JOYCE CHENG/INSTAGRAM

Twelve years after Lydia Sum died, daughter Joyce Cheng still holds deep and fond memories of the legendary Hong Kong comedian.

Posting on Instagram, actress-singer Cheng gave an update of how the two would bond today if Sum were still alive, writing: "So many shows we'd binge-watch together, you'd love them.

"There's this thing called Netflix now, it's great. Though it'd probably take you a while to figure out how to use it. I remember you asking me things like 'how do I send this e-mail?' See the Send button, mum? Click that."

Cheng, 32, whose father is actor Adam Cheng, added that she would never forget Sum's advice to her to seize the day, and make a better life for herself.

"You'd be heart-broken to see me leave Hong Kong for a month to come to Japan to take classes, but you'd also secretly be proud that I'm not sitting at home, wasting my time, waiting for something to come around."

Cheng noted that Hong Kong - which has been unsettled by recent anti-government protests and the current coronavirus outbreak - could do with a lift from Sum since "you were such an inspiration to all".

"I imagine Hong Kong would need your magic now. But guess what? We can always find you again through the work that you left us with. Your music, your movies, your talk shows.

"Thank you again for giving your life to entertainment. You truly are a legend."

Sum died in 2008 at age 62 from liver cancer.

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