I ain't afraid of no ghost: Tiffany Leong

Malaysian-born actress Tiffany Leong.
Malaysian-born actress Tiffany Leong.PHOTO: THE BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL

Tiffany Leong appears in a documentary about ghosts, yet the actress does not believe in them

In the TV documentary series My Ghost Story Asia Season 2, Malaysian-born Channel 8 actress Tiffany Leong relates her supernatural encounters in one episode.

Yet, ironically, she says she is a staunch non-believer.

"If you ask me whether I believe in ghosts, I’ll tell you 'no'. I don’t believe in ghosts because I don’t think we should spread superstition," says the 27-year- old in Mandarin in a telephone interview with Life!.

Why, then, is she appearing on My Ghost Story?

"I am simply sharing things that happened to me which I cannot find a scientific explanation for," she replies.

Leong, who has starred in various MediaCorp dramas including 2008’s La Femme, will be featured in an episode titled Voices From The Underworld, airing on The Biography Channel (StarHub Channel 404) tomorrow.

On the set of 2011’s Code Of Honour, the actress encountered what she believes may have been her first experience of being possessed by a spirit.

Recalling the experience, she says: "I lost control of my own body and I felt really cold and I had trouble breathing. I was rushed to the hospital but the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

"In the end, the doctor pricked my middle finger with a needle and I immediately felt fine after that. Some people believe that you can force spirits out by pricking the middle finger."

She apparently had the same experience again last year when she participated in a Hong Kong ghost-buster documentary called The Unbelievable, when the crew went to Malaysia for an episode centred on Mona Fandey.

Fandey was a Malaysian murderer who claimed to be a witch and was executed in 2001 for the gruesome murder and mutilation of politician Mazlan Idris in 1993.

Leong says the incident happened when she was at the scene of the murder.

She admits that her claims of being "possessed" seem far-fetched and can neither be verified nor proven to be true.

"I still believe in science. I have no superpowers or special abilities, these are just things I cannot analyse."

Her scepticism means she tries to ignore what others might deem ghostly encounters.

She recounts: "I once had a recurring dream where this person came to me and pleaded with me to pass a message on to my sister.

"It occurred during the Hungry Ghost Festival and the person wanted my sister to chant for her. I promised to help the spirit but after I woke up, I ignored the dream because I thought it might not be real."

Ultimately, she gave in, just to be on the safe side.

"The next year, also during Hungry Ghost Festival, I became quite sick and was afraid this was because I failed to deliver my promise to the spirit. So I drove to the temple to chant for the spirit and when I came home, I felt much better."