Huang opposed Angelababy's tests

Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming and his actress wife Angelababy (both above) at their wedding in October.
Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming and his actress wife Angelababy (both above) at their wedding in October.PHOTO: ANGELABABY STUDIO WEIBO

HONG KONG • Newlywed Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming said he reluctantly let his wife Angelababy undergo public tests to refute plastic surgery rumours because she wanted to do it for their future children.

Making his first comments on the tests during an interview with the Hong Kong website, he said he was saddened by the matter.

Huang, 38, said he had been opposed to the tests, which Angelababy, 26, did a week after their wedding in October, "because I think the truth will out and because those checks will have an impact on the body".

"But Baby wanted to do it for three reasons. First, if she does it after she's pregnant, it's bad for her health. Second, the verification is favourable to her future cosmetic surgery lawsuit," he added, referring to his wife's defamation complaint against a Chinese clinic that said she had a chin job.

"Third, she doesn't want our kids to see these reports in the future and suffer. She wants to prove to the kids that mummy didn't have plastic surgery."

Huang's mother is eager to be a grandmother and his wife is ready to be a mother, he said.

Since the couple's wedding in Shanghai, they have been too busy to go on their honeymoon, however. Absence makes his heart grow fonder though.

"Baby and I dated for more than six years, but it's still like first love and I often spring small surprises on her, like suddenly appearing in front of her, sending her flowers and buying her a thick coat ahead of cold weather," he said.

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