How Hollywood's leading men get red carpet ready

LOS ANGELES (REUTERS) Whether it's a trip to the dermatologist, a plastic surgeon, or secret tips from a stylist, some of Hollywood's leading men do more than you think to maintain their movie star looks.

"It used to be taboo to look too good. But now actors like Kyle MacLachlan or Daniel Craig or Oscar Isaac are embracing this and really looking good on the red carpet."

Most men tend to focus on a fresh clean look, which Dr Colbert is able to achieve with his triad facial," said Dr David Colbert, a dermatologist.

"It combines microdermabrasion, a little laser toner and a little exfoliation. So you just look fresh, ready for the red carpet, no fuss."

Sometimes men opt for more invasive procedures to achieve the perfect look and seek the assistance of a plastic surgeon.

Dr Aaron Rollins in Beverly Hills says 35 per cent of his patients are men, with most focusing on their face.

"They want to have a nice jaw line, especially for profile pictures. But also the abdomen, they don't want their tummies sticking out in their tuxedo jacket. They don't want to look like they're bursting at the seams." says Dr Rollins.

For up and coming singer Fancy, his first red carpet experience was eye-opening.

"I'm used to knowing where the camera is always and you can always kind of angle yourself. But when you're surrounded by cameras pretty much all the way around, I mean, they are going to get you at every angle.

The singer elected to have an Elite Body Sculpture chin lift with Dr Rollins with noticeable results after only eight days. 

After all the nips and tucks and before men slide into their suits, celebrity stylist Darius Baptist reveals some of the tricks up his sleeve.

"Sometimes guys are not in their best of shape, so you do want a slimmer fitting tuxedo because no one wants anything loose because it is a formal event. So there are male compression garments that will smooth out a few unwanted bulges that may be." says Darius Baptist, a stylist.

One other trick brings men up to size.

"You can do the little show lifts in the shoe. It gives you a little more height because a lot of times their date is usually taller than them. Because a lot of celebrities date models."

In order to achieve a smoothing clean line Baptist recommends tucking in the shirt into underwear, said Mr Baptist.

And to maintain that cool, calm and collective look, Baptist says his go-to secret shocks most men.

"My trick for preventing guys from sweating on the red carpet, and I know other stylist do it as well. And it freaks out some guys. But I will tell you, my go-to thing is a ladies thin sanitary napkin is the best trick ever. It freaks a guy out in the beginning, when they first look at it and they go, 'what is that?' But in the end they go that's genius.' You peel it off, fold it inside the arm of the shirt, or the arm of the jacket, depending on how heavy of a sweater the guy is, and they are dry the complete night and no one ever knows that that's what's inside their garment."

Now that you're armed with the tricks of the trades, see if you can spot them on Oscar Sunday, Feb 28.