How does the first pop song ever written by artificial intelligence sound?

Researchers at the Sony CSL Research Laboratory have released pop music composed by artificial intelligence (AI), and the results are impressive, reported news website Quartz.

Not only can AI work in law firms and beat the world champion at a game of Go, but it turns out now that it can also churn out some pretty impressive pop songs too.

According to Quartz, the laboratory has been working on AI-generated music for years, and had previously created some jazz tracks.

This is however, the first time the laboratory has released pop music.

The first song, called "Daddy's Car", sounds right off a Beatles album with its catchy and sunny tune.

The second song is a whimsical ditty, "Mr Shadow". It was created in the style of American musicians Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin and Cole Porter.

How does the AI compose these songs?

Called FlowMachines, it works first by analysing a database of songs. Then, it follows a particular musical style to create similar compositions, reported Quartz.

However, it still required a final human touch. For both songs, French composer Benoit Carre arranged the music and wrote the lyrics.

Perhaps humans are still necessary for the artistic component - at least for now. However, Sony is preparing to release a complete album released by AI in 2017, and it intends to produce truly fantastic AI music, according to Quartz.

Justin Bieber and Rihanna, be warned, as a new competitor is round the corner.