Hot trailers: Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender; The Jungle Book

Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs
Michael Fassbender in Steve JobsPHOTOS: YOUTUBE
The Jungle Book
The Jungle Book


Forget Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs in the disastrous Jobs (2013). An A-list group, including Oscarwinning director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 2008), writer Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, 1999-2006) and Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender as Jobs, takes on the iconic tale all over again. This story is set backstage behind three famous Apple product launches, with the biggest one being Jobs himself as the ultimate Big Sell.

"I'm the only one who knows that this guy (Jobs) is someone you invented," says Seth Rogen, playing bearded co-founder Steve Wozniak, to Jobs as the latter finds more comfort and solace among machines than actual people.

Emitting glum, pathological intensity, Fassbender plays the great inventor who is a bad father to his neglected, barely acknowledged cutesy daughter and wife. Funny thing is that, with his chiselled jaw, he looks more like a Greek god than a geek king.


This trailer is so thrilling with huge fearsome, snarling animals that animal-rights activists are going to scream "brutal animal overtime". "Are you alone out here? What are you doing so deep in the jungle... Let go of your fear now and trust in me," hisses Kaa the villainess python (Scarlett Johansson with a voice that could seduce the devil himself) to the pint-sized jungle boy Mowgli.

I keep wondering if he is for real or if it is like Andy Serkis in The Lord Of The Rings (2001-2003) doing some incredible motioncapture. Or maybe he is a genetically engineered Eastern European child gymnast recently adopted by Angelina Jolie. But the kid - Indian American Neel Sethi - is so real he comes from the urban jungle of New York City.

Tay Yek Keak

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