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Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.PHOTO: YOUTUBE
Amy Adams.


There's an even darker shade to this sordid kinky-sexual-thrills tale as the past of Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) comes to haunt Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson).

Why the heck would she get back with this dude she dumped in the first flick? I don't know, we're supposed to be intrigued.

"This time, no rules, no punishments and no more secrets," Ana lays down the law. She's reasonable. But I don't know why she didn't say: "No spanking."

I kept laughing throughout this trailer because every latently erotic moment here - steamy stares, heaty glances, macho assertion, womanly tentativeness - seems like it has been crafted by a deprived cinematographer reading a lad's magazine.

Tay Yek Keak


Every tense moment in this trailer looks so beautifully composed, you feel the need to dress up just to watch the movie when it finally arrives in cineplexes here. Directed by Tom Ford, an actual fashion big shot formerly from Gucci, it stars Amy Adams as art gallery owner Susan, who gets an enigmatic manuscript from her novelist ex-husband, Tony (Jake Gyllenhaal).

"Recently, he sent me this book that he has written. It's violent and then sad and he dedicated it to me," she says about the unsettling present.

Indeed, something menacing happens, which involves Gyllenhaal looking sadder than usual, Aaron Taylor-Johnson seeming psychotic and Michael Shannon looking like a lawman who escaped from a Coen brothers flick.

This psychological thriller is based on a 1993 novel by the late Austin Wright. There's some major past injustice unravelling here and everything comes home to roost to upend Adams' neat, nicely dressed world with darkly foreboding consequences and a disturbing glimpse of Laura Linney with scarily sprayed big hair.

Tay Yek Keak

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