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Andrew “Spidey” Garfield.
Andrew “Spidey” Garfield.PHOTO: YOUTUBE
Ezra Miller.


Spider-Man becomes Spineless Man. Andrew "Spidey" Garfield actually plays a young man of strong principles and unwavering conviction in this World War II drama.

But because his character, real- life war hero Desmond T. Doss, is a pacifist and refuses to bear arms because of his religion, his fellow soldiers think him a coward.

So Doss is hated, shunned and beaten by his platoon mates, until he proves himself a heroic one-man rescue team in brutal battles in Okinawa - he even bravely swats away a grenade thrown at his comrades.

Director Mel Gibson himself understands ostracism due to his previously controversial Donald Trump-style behaviour and this is his comeback in an epic way.

The thing is, except for Vince Vaughn as a tough military instructor, every major cast member patriotically over-drawling like an American cowboy here - including Brit chap, Garfield - isn't American.

Yep, like The Donald, Mad Mel is going to make America grate again.


Batman (Ben Affleck) is looking for a pool guy, fast kid and robotic fella to join him and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in a superhero team.

The pool guy is Aquaman (Jason Momoa), who looks like an angry, hostile barbarian and clearly isn't a team player.

The quick dude is The Flash (Ezra Miller) and also just a lonely kid who's keen to join any clique.  The African-American man-bot - Cyborg (Ray Fisher) - appears only fleetingly.

After the very serious, funereal nature of Batman V Superman, this trailer aims to lighten up the mood and turn the proceedings into a gigantic shower as Aquaman gets major water play here.

Man, this has to be the wettest movie since Finding Dory.

"I hear you can talk to fish," Batman tells Aquaman.

Absolutely. Now pass the ikan bilis right now, please.

Tay Yek Keak

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