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Daniel Radcliffe.
Daniel Radcliffe.PHOTO: YOUTUBE
Anna Kendrick.
Anna Kendrick.PHOTO: YOUTUBE


Daniel Radcliffe plays a neo-Nazi. No kidding - Harry Potter becomes Harry Hater. Actually, he's a mousy FBI agent, Nate Foster, who reluctantly infiltrates a scary bunch of racist fanatics to find out what big terrorist act they are planning to commit.

"Try relating to these guys as human beings," his FBI handler (Toni Collette) instructs him. That's easy for her to say. Imagine doing this when all these psychotic skinheads look like the sort of absolutely vile monsters even Hermione Granger herself wouldn't waste magic on.

The most unnerving thing about this uncomfortable, hate-filled trailer, apart from Radcliffe's small stature, is the intimidating acts of violence - white power march, burning swastikas, the sheer looks of utter hatred - waiting to explode in poor little Harry's face.


Here is a Hollywood comedy Singaporeans can really identify with: It's about the misfits dumped together at an unnoticed, faraway table at a wedding banquet.

Anna Kendrick, perhaps the most likable quirky little whirl of energy in Hollywood right now, plays Eloise McGarry, the gal dumped by the best man, who is also the brother of the bride. The sad sacks around her include lanky Brit loser Stephen Merchant (TV's Hello Ladies) and Friends' Lisa Kudrow.

This is the Revenge Of The Nerds version of My Best Friend's Wedding (1997), 27 Dresses (2008) and all those chirpy wedding tales that you totally know are going to end up in Divorce Central. Which means these accidental kindred chums at table 19 will have the most fun commiserating with and consoling one another, bonding and dancing as the real life of the party.

Tay Yek Keak

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