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Kate Beckinsale.
Kate Beckinsale.PHOTO: YOUTUBE
Emma Roberts (above left) and Dave Franco (above right).
Emma Roberts (above left) and Dave Franco (above right).PHOTO: YOUTUBE


It took me a Jane Austen courtship eternity to figure out what this trailer is all about. I almost fell asleep with all the frivolous old-furniture clothes these folks wear here in 1790s England, plus I had no idea Austen wrote the obscure short novel - Lady Susan - this comedy is based on.

Man, the Brits love to yak back and forth, especially when somebody intrudes into their circle. Kate Beckinsale plays Lady Susan Vernon, a bold, brazen tai-tai class widow who barges unexpectedly into her shocked in-laws' home to set up marriage for her boring daughter and, at the same, try to snag a catch for herself too.

Hey, this kind of reminds me of the time my neighbour came back from China to wreck his family with a strange woman.

Anyway, apart from not winning the Mother Of The Year award, Beckinsale is basically exchanging her Underworld tights for the Vintage World cupboard here as she takes on not vampires and werewolves, but something far scarier - snooty Brit society.

"She has an uncanny understanding of men's natures," someone describes her super powers. Yep, we're definitely talking super-mistress quality as she sizes up the chaps who all look like Colin Firth impersonators.

The great fun here is that her accomplice is Chloe Sevigny, who last teamed up with her in 1998's The Last Days Of Disco, also helmed by the same American director, Whit Stillman.

You know, I used to have that movie's poster on my wall. Imagine - 18 years later, here they are plotting mischief again in The First Days Of Discord.


Don't know if you know that Emma Roberts is Julia Roberts' niece and I can just hear Auntie Julia going: "The nerve of Nerve to make my niece go through all these ridiculous young people stuff."

Roberts - Emma, that is - is a cautious hottie who plays a mysterious but happening online reality game called Nerve which is billed as "truth or dare, minus the truth".

Huh? Do they mean this is a reality- show thingy like the Donald Trump presidential campaign?

Basically, the game challenges Roberts to take reckless risks in doing outlandish things in public such as kiss a stranger (Dave Franco), hang out with him, steal an expensive dress from a swanky shop, lay under an onrushing train, run from cops, etc, before she ends up pointing a loaded gun. Hey, isn't this just so lame since nobody orders her to run for president, the wildest and most extreme dare of all?

The more she plays the game, the more she is sucked in deeper with no escape.

"We control your life," goes the evil computer voice. Oh, it's all about the fun before the danger. You know, just like the Trump campaign.

I kept wondering what the big deal is here. I saw this sort of twisted gamers' plot in Japanese and Korean thrillers ages ago. In fact, every day, this game is being played everywhere.

It's called "Living day to day in utter delusion with impossible dreams".

Tay Yek Keak

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