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Emily Blunt.
Kristen Stewart (left) and Jesse Eisenberg (right).
Kristen Stewart (left) and Jesse Eisenberg (right).PHOTO: YOUTUBE


After this intriguing trailer, you may never complain about train breakdowns anymore because one unsettling incident could turn you into a nervous wreck like Emily Blunt here.

This mystery-thriller, based on a 2015 bestseller by British author Paula Hawkins, seems like Gone Girl Revisited. Blunt plays a passenger who believes she saw a woman (Hardcore Henry's luscious Haley Bennett) before she disappeared. "I saw her from the train," she insists.

I like Blunt a lot, but she starts to go all nutty as a cop (Allison Janney) questions her. Her former husband (Justin Theroux) turns creepy-strange and everybody is giving her the evil eye as though they're blaming her for that lame The Huntsman: Winter's War.

Is she imagining things? Is she the killer? Was she really to blame for Winter's War?


Is Kristen Stewart the new mega-age-gap muse of Woody Allen after Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson? Stewart plays one of the beautiful attractions in 1930s Golden-Age Hollywood which overwhelms just-arrived newbie-in-town, Jesse Eisenberg, nephew of oily big-name agent, Steve Carell.

Eisenberg drops his Lex Luthor persona for something more innocent as he navigates the snake pit of Tinseltown and falls for every hot chick, including a glam gal played by Blake Lively.

The term "cafe society" refers to the beautiful-people culture of those superficial, stardust times - kinda like Starbucks packed with supermodels - and this comedy clip is infused with a surreal bygone golden glow.

Eisenberg here is, in truth, a talky Allen clone. "Life is a comedy written by a sadistic comedy writer," his character says. I'm sure Allen, the writer and director, wrote that line to praise himself and impress his new gorgeous leading ladies. Apparently, it never fails.

Tay Yek Keak

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