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From far left: Lizzy Caplan, Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson.
From far left: Lizzy Caplan, Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson. PHOTO: YOUTUBE


What do you do for a glitzy, glittering second act when you're a bunch of flamboyant, hoodwinking big-stage magicians? Why, you bring the show to China, of course.

"We jumped off a rooftop in New York and we landed in China. How is this possible?" someone asks.

Simple, dude - it's the magic of money as China presumably picks up the tab and Asian superstar Jay Chou pops up.

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and foe-turned-friend Mark Ruffalo return from 2013's original flick to head the team as they are set up by magician- manipulator-convict Morgan Freeman from his prison cell.

As a bonus, Harry Potter (aka Daniel Radcliffe) is thrown into this mix as some kind of rich brat needing the magicians to pull off a high-tech heist.


 Tom Hanks (right) and Sarita Choudhury (left). PHOTO: YOUTUBE

I have no idea what it is that Tom Hanks is selling here but, hey, since he is Mr All-American Nice Guy, it has to be something wholesome and good or at least something which makes America great again, right?

In fact, the actor plays a washed-up Middle-America salesman, who journeys to Saudi Arabia for the "deal of a lifetime", namely, pitching a Star Wars-type IT thingy - a "3D holographic meeting system" - for a visionary, still-invisible city in the desert. Along his Eat Pray Love-type journey, he falls for an Arab woman (Mississippi Masala's Sarita Choudhury).

Elsewhere, he cavorts good-naturedly with humourless sheikhs alongside a personal driver (Alexander Black).

"Sometimes you have to change the scenery to change your life," goes the narrator who seems to be the narrator for every life-affirming Tom Hanks movie.

Tay Yek Keak

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