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This upcoming Pixar animated feature film is about the sweet bond between a young thing and an ancient relic. No, notAmberHeard and Johnny Depp. It’s the adventure shared by a green-skinned Cartoonosaurus and a cave boy. Together, they form a beautiful and meaningful relationship exploring their prehistoric world together and fending off predators, flying reptiles and a sinister snake witharms which, for historical accuracy, wouldmakeyou fail your history exam.

This doesn’t look Finding Nemo-terrific, but it’s Pixar after all. They don’t start cranking out the CGI until they smell a billion bucks.


You know Pierce Brosnan.Heused to be James Bond.Now he looks ready to be 0070. Yet here he plays the kind of bumbling, affable womaniser role that could have been Hugh Grant’s (although, to me, he’s a totally unfunny chap no matter how hard he tries). Jessica Alba is the come-hit her university student to his hormonal Cambridge poetry professor, who manages to bed at least two other womenin the short space of a trailer– Alba’s screen sister played by Salma Hayek and one blonde babysitter.

Eventually, as you would expect of this romcom,Brosnan’s character confesses: “I slept with someone(Hayek) and it actually meant something.”

Really? I believe deep down, he’s a peacock in love with his own feathers