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Renee Zellweger.
Renee Zellweger.PHOTO: YOUTUBE
Jonah Hill (above right) and Miles Teller (above left).
Jonah Hill (above right) and Miles Teller (above left).PHOTO: YOUTUBE


Hey, is this a sci-fi movie trailer? I mean, how did Renee Zellweger get back her old face after all those photographs in the paparazzi of her looking like a totally different person?

Here she is, as a 40something and single Bridget behaving as though she is 30ish and single, smiling the same cherubic smile which narrows her eyes into slits, spouting similarly cutesy lines and still pratfalling wherever she goes.

This time, Bridget appar- ently fools around with two dudes and her accidental baby could be due to Colin Firth, who looks like a hollowed-out Uncle Darcy on a deadly diet, or to newbie suitor, Patrick Dempsey, aka Dr McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy.

Me? I still cannot get over the return of Zellweger's face. That is pure science-fiction nostalgia.


Since Seth Rogen and James Franco have already been to North Korea on a mission to assassinate Kim Jong Un in The Interview (2014), why not have Jonah Hill and Miles Teller go to the Middle East to supply weapons to American allies?

Apparently, this really happened in 2007 - two party-happy 20somethings nailed a big Pentagon contract as gun-runners to arm the "good guys" during the War On Terror.

Teller and Hill play the two bozos who charge through the death valleys of Baghdad with the manners of Donald Trump.

"Excuse me... I have to go first, I'm American," Hill says as he pushes his way past a foreign airport crowd.

If this sounds like The Hangover with guns, well, it is helmed by The Hangover director Todd Phillips, with Hangover alumnus Bradley Cooper popping up as a nasty gangster in a nightclub.

Tay Yek Keak

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