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Asa Butterfield, 2011’s Hugo, third from left.
Asa Butterfield, 2011’s Hugo, third from left.PHOTO: YOUTUBE


Director Tim Burton has combined The X-Men with The Addams Family and come up with The League Of Extraordinary Children. One girl sinks into the sea like Aquaman and controls air underwater. Another lass is super strong, one lad is invisible, there's a pair of creepy horror-movie twins covered in white cloth and one little cutie has a carnivorous mouth at the back of her head.

"We're what's known in common parlance as peculiar," explains Miss Peregrine, played by former Bond girl Eva Green, who looks like she came straight from her 19th-century TV series, Penny Dreadful, right into this juvenile freak show. Into their hideaway mansion she takes a new boy (Asa Butterfield, 2011's Hugo, third from left), who is destined to protect the group from evil monsters led by Samuel L. Jackson looking like Billy Idol in a bad mood.

This fantastical trailer, based on author Ransom Riggs' 2011 bestseller, is totally designed to send you up into the clouds. Especially when Miss Peregrine herself turns into the species of bird she is named after. Good thing she wasn't named Miss Hippo.


Jack Huston (TV’s Boardwalk Empire, above right) and Fantastic Four’s Toby Kebbell (above left). PHOTO: YOUTUBE

The insane roller-derby chariot race that takes place here in a Roman arena makes the Olympic Games look like a kindergarten outing.

This reboot of Charlton Heston's original 1959 greatest-story-ever- told epic is so serious that Morgan Freeman pops up as yet another sage that can be added to his collection of roles called Wise Old Dudes Just One Step Away From God.

Jack Huston (TV's Boardwalk Empire, above right) plays Ben- Hur, a Jewish nobleman-turned- slave who is trained by Freeman's Arab sheikh into a Russell Crowe- style gladiator to seek revenge against his evil best pal and adoptive brother, Messala (Fantastic Four's Toby Kebbell, above left), a Roman army officer so cruel he even crucifies his own mum and sister.

"Racing is a blood sport. You lose, you die," Freeman's character tells Ben-Hur. All the while, with his crazy Rastafarian locks, Freeman looks like Bob Marley mated with Predator.

Tay Yek Keak

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