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Idris Elba.
Hardcore Henry.
Hardcore Henry.PHOTO: YOUTUBE


Sure, this movie is officially called Bastille Day. But it should really be called Idris Elba's Feature-length Audition To Be The Next James Bond.

In this urban thriller, the charismatic and muscular Elba rampages like a bull crashing headlong through a china shop - aka the city of Paris.

Game Of Thrones' Richard Madden is a small-time pickpocket caught up in a sinister criminal conspiracy involving crooked cops, bombs and terrorism on France's national day.

Elba is the CIA agent who becomes his unlikely partner- cum-nanny-cum-Incredible Hulk. This action-packed clip makes Elba look like an unstoppable force of nature as he busts heads, cracks bones and generally knocks everybody down like a bulldozer on his way to becoming 007, if only James Bond would quit being lily-white like the Oscars.


This trailer will give you a hardcore headache. Imagine you are sitting in front of your PlayStation or Xbox video-game screen throughout this clip. Everything is seen from the point of view of this silent techno-advanced, memory-erased dude named Henry whom apparently almost everybody wants to kill. They shoot at him, punch him, crash into him full-frontal like an oncoming freight train as he returns fire in kind, lobbing explosives, jumping on speeding bikes, plummeting through the sky - basically this movie gives you your money's worth of a super-crazy theme park ride. Kinda like the whole story of RoboCop seen from a GoPro camera.

Tay Yek Keak

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