Hot Trailers

Kim Barker.
Baron Cohen (left) and Mark Strong (right).
Baron Cohen (left) and Mark Strong (right).PHOTO: YOUTUBE


Think of this comedy as Zero Dark Nutty. Tina Fey is an American journalist picked for duty in war- torn Afghanistan because she's an "unmarried, childless personnel" in her news team.

But instead of a hardship posting, this looks fun. In a war zone full of men, including horny Afghan warlord Alfred Molina, Fey's character, Kim Barker, is rated a "borderline 10", while super-hot fellow reporter Margot Robbie is a "15".

Fey's smart-loony insouciance just cracks me up. "I just wanted out of my job, I wanted out of my mildly depressive boyfriend, I just wanted to blow everything up," she describes her Eat Pray Love-esque reason for being in the war zone.

In response, an Afghan woman tells her: "That's the most American white lady story I've ever heard."


If James Bond had an idiot brother such as Sacha Baron Cohen who has a licence to clown, this would be the movie.

After being separated from his brother Sebastian in their childhood, Nobby (Baron Cohen) grows up to be a English football yob, while Sebastian (Mark Strong) becomes a government-sanctioned assassin.

They are reunited when Nobby hugs Sebastian just as the latter is about to shoot some guy.

With a brother like Nobby - who would wind down his car window to taunt gun-toting enemies that he is in a bulletproof car - even 007 would be demoted to 000.

Tay Yek Keak

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